Radon testing plays a significant role in real estate transactions


Radon gas is a major Indoor Air Quality issue

however, it can be fixed and avoided

Radon test results reveal, not only the presence of radon in your home, but also the levels of radon gas that is present which may signify remedial needs. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer.

It is very prevalent in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Geologist discovered that one of the largest radium bearing sources on the planet is beneath these two states, many other areas are and can be affected too. It is recommended to get your home tested, not only for health reasons but also for investment purposes.

Radon testing plays a significant role in real estate transactions. If you would like to inquire about radon and radon testing, feel free to contact Davis Home Inspection LLC (541) 801-4588. We can provide free literature on the serious effects of radon in your home and the ability to test with fast results. The testing period is usually 46 hours, depending on weather conditions.

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