Water damage is one of the primary causes of your home's deterioration


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Gutters, downspouts, and proper under-grade-drainage all work together as a system to help keep water away from the structure of your home. It is important that you know how to do the routine maintenance; such as cleaning your gutters which will allow water runoff to flow freely through your gutters. Proper downspout extensions can move water away from the home which further protects from siding and grading erosion. Drainage tile and exterior moisture barriers protects your wall's foundation and footings, in addition it will help to prevent your home from having a leaking and wet basements.

The Number 1 source of damage to the exterior of your home is water damage. We often discuss with buyers and sellers about how to protect their homes from water intrusion. Water should be directed away from the structure. Extending downspouts away from the home helps to protect the foundation and footings of the structure. Based partly on laws of thermodynamics, wet moisture moves to dry components. This moisture movement plays a large role in the exterior deterioration of building components, such as wood and concrete, which are both porous materials. Many homes do not a have a sub-grade water proofing layer to protect the components, so it is best to take caution and possibly reroute the water. If you have issues with water in your basement or the corners of your interior basement walls are moist, you may be having an issue with water intrusion from faulty downspouts or exterior grading issues. If you are having this type of issue or someone you know is having a similar issue, give Davis Home Inspection LLC. a call at (541) 801-4588. We can discuss ways to help you fix and/or avoid water damage to your home.

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